Bunkin’ With The Boys


Original Imagine: Imagine sharing a bed with one of the brothers and waking up as he takes care of himself next to you.
Character: Dean
Author: http://existentially-chaotic.tumblr.com/
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,165
Warnings: Masturbation, if that’s even a warning.

It was raining. No, scratch that, it was a freakin’ hurricane outside. It was so bad that Dean eventually gave up trying to see the road before him, barking at you and Sam to keep a lookout for neon motel signs, telling you both begrudgingly that he was going to have to pull over for the night. But, hey, at least the Impala was getting washed. You guys had hit some seriously muddy back roads on the last Hunt, so it wasn’t so bad.

The windshield was like a waterfall; lightning and thunder illuminating the car and shaking it more than the engine did. Getting out of the car was what none of you wanted to do. You gave out a countdown, each of you with your hands on the door handles, ready to jump out and get the bags and get underneath the canopy next to the doors. Except there was no canopy, which surprised you because nearly every motel had one.

When you counted to three, all three of you shoved the car doors open and dashed out of the Impala. Dean immediately ran for the lobby, checking all three of you in, while you and Sam took care of getting the weapons and the couple of bags you guys had filled with clothes. You didn’t bother bringing in yours, considering all of yours were dirty and the ones you were wearing now had blood and were now soaked with rain.

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